The idea that our home would later grow

to host future memories was not something we saw coming...

Si tur luga tin un storia, mi isla ta un leyenda.

If every place has a story, my island is a legend.


Creating content for others was not something I thought I’d be doing when I decided to study psychology—and of the many hats I wear daily, this one fits most uncomfortably. Never knowing what to expect and constantly starting from scratch provides a deliciously uneasy feeling that I gravitate towards. I am grateful to the artists, companies and organizations that place their trust in me as producer, scriptwriter, copywriter, storyteller, narrator, editor, proofreader, host and concept developer.

selected works

Back to the Future | Atech Conference 2019

Concept development & Scriptwriting

Culpa | Randall Luidens


Information Booklet | Cas di Cultura


Anniversary Book | Rotary Club of Aruba

Writing & Editing