"Apesar cu nos sa bon bon kico tur nos tin aden,

pa di un dia pa otro wordo yama paden, ya,
esey ta algo otro, no?"

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"The idea that our home would later grow
to host future memories was not something we saw coming..."
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"Si tur luga tin un storia, mi isla ta un leyenda.
If every place has a story, my island is a legend."
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Creating content for others was not something I thought I’d be doing when I decided to study psychology. In fact, of the many hats I wear daily, this one fits most uncomfortably. Each new project brings a delicious uneasy feeling that I have grown to seek out obsessively. So much so, that I consider the absence of that feeling an indication that I am not the right person for the job. But as soon as we have no idea where to begin and what to expect, sign me up, succeed or fail—let’s create! I remain grateful to the artists, companies and organizations that continue to place their trust in me as producer, scriptwriter, copywriter, storyteller, narrator, editor, proofreader, host and concept developer.

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Back to the Future | Atech Conference

Concept development & Scriptwriting

Culpa | Randall Luidens